Big Draw 12 South: This Is How It Looked!

Don Evans and Suzanne McDermott

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It was a cold and dreary Big Draw Day but brave souls came anyway for Big Draw fun and Frothy coffee. Thanks to Drawing America and to every single person who joined us to draw at Big Draw 12 South: This Is Where I Live! YOU made it happen! Keep on drawing!

Thanks to Elizabeth Williams for many of the daytime photos and to Kevin Brock for reception photos (down at the bottom). Click on photos to enlarge.

Big Draw decor and architect, Nick Dryden.

Volunteers don smiles. Artists fuel up.

Vandy film students and Council Lady Sandra V. Moore with our host.

Ready to draw!

Go Andy Vastagh!

Thanks, Miranda!

THE EVENING RECEPTION. Low light and warm company.

Kevin Brock, reception photographer by his drawing.

...and with Timothy from Hong Kong, "A thousand thanks for holding a meaningful event! Although I not live there, I know more about the community of US, it is a great experience of my exchange period!"

Award for most inventive - Jim Martin's pop-up drawing.
Award for most drawings in the children's corner to Grace.

Thanks to John Newman for scheduling help and a beautiful charcoal drawing.
...and to Levi and Noah Carter for the perfect end to a perfect day!

“Our Neighborhood Big Draw was a positive experience for everyone in every way.”
—- Miranda Whitcomb Pontes, Owner, The Frothy Monkey, Nashville, TN
   (Our meeting and exhibit host)
"Lots of fun! Very Well organized and a great community experience!! Great speakers were very knowledgeable." - a neighbor

"Eye-opening", brain-opening experience! My wife, Cally is so impressed. Thanks!" -Ken Winter, neighbor

"I think this event is a wonderful experience for me and this place is very relaxing. I enjoy drawing today! But today is very cold..."- Yan Ho, Cheng, Belmont Student from Hong Kong

"Wanna join similar event again :)" - Ka Hung, Tse, Belmont exchange student

"Great and Fun event — The cause is nice, but enjoyed the time and experience as a selfish way to spend a Saturday!" - Brad Northcut, daad architecture

"A great event! Glad to be on the ground floor of it; plus meeting other artists in the area.  Hope to participate in another one!" - Kevin D. Brock

"Found out about this and showed up at the last minute...a little late...but so glad to be nudged into taking the time to true love and a meditative experience! Next year...I'll get friends to join in! Thanks." - Linda Southwell, neighbor

"Lots of fun and fine folks! Well organized! Thanks." - Chris Ousley

"Very fun! Thanks!" - Emily Konouchi

"This was a big event and a great pleasure!" - another neighbor

"This is such a wonderful thing & I can't wait until next year." - Adraine Knight

"Thank you for a fun day of drawing!" - Grace and her Mom (and a big thank you to Hannah)

Thanks to Miranda for the Frothy Monkey space, to John Newman for scheduling help and a super promo drawing, to District 17 Council Lady Sandra V. Moore for stepping up to the plate, to Nick Dryden for architectural remarks, to Andy Vastagh for silk screening awesome tote bags, to Charles Howell for his support, to the very generous Jerry's Artarama, to volunteers Lauren, Elizabeth, Andie, and special thanks to Margaret!